Energy Guard

EnergyGuard® is a world-leading, reinforced battery separator for Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries. This high-strength synthetic-composite separator is a unique blend of glass microfiber and synthetic fiber. A specialty brand of H&V AGM separators, EnergyGuard® exhibits unparalleled tensile and burst strength as well as the full functionality of a traditional glass separator. It reduces battery manufacturing reject rates by decreasing unwinding tears and pasting-lump punctures.

For over 30 years, Hollingsworth & Vose Company has been a trusted developer and supplier of VRLA battery separators for the battery industry, providing a wide range of micro-glass/synthetic fiber blend and 100% micro-glass VRLA separators.

Why Use EnergyGuard®?

EnergyGuard® VRLA battery separators are the most robust separators on the market. They are preferred worldwide for their exceptional strength and functionality, including:

  • Compression recovery. Our separators have superior fiber bonding that minimizes slippage in compression. The separator stores elastic energy and rebounds once compression is released to exhibit a 170%+ improvement over glass mat.
  • Puncture resistance. Reinforced surface strength improves puncture resistance by 300%+ over traditional glass mat due to the network of synthetic fibers.
  • Tensile strength. Due to our proprietary synthetic fibers, the internal structure is bonded to improve the tensile strength by 200%+ over traditional glass mats.

What Applications Does EnergyGuard® Serve?

Many applications depend upon EnergyGuard® VRLA battery separators. They are in high demand for industries and applications that rely on enhanced dependability and durability. They are used for uninterruptible power supply, data centers, telecommunications, motive power, commercial trucks, and motorcycles..

Other applications include:

High-Speed Manufacturing
The superior puncture resistance and tensile strength make EnergyGuard® ideal for high-speed automation. It provides enhanced throughput while reducing scrap, and its enhanced toughness prevents tears in wrapping and ensures smooth processing. The separator also protects against punctures from inconsistent plate surfaces, resulting in few cell rejects and shorts.

High-Vibration Environments
Demanding field applications such as motorcycles and commercial trucks rely on EnergyGuard® separators for their ability to outlast glass separators. These separators have superior resiliency and avoid failure caused by sustained vibration. Surface puncture resistance and internal structural bonding increase the lifespan of batteries.

Deeper-Cycling & Longer-Life Needs
The synthetic fibers in EnergyGuard® result in high elasticity and excellent compression recovery. This ensures that the internal pressure remains high throughout the contraction and expansion that occurs during battery cycling. EnergyGuard® meets the needs of these challenges, providing strong plate contact even in deep cycles. These abilities result in extended performance in various energy-demanding vehicles.

EnergyGuard® from H&V

EnergyGuard® by Hollingsworth & Vose Company is a best-selling battery separator across the globe due to its exceptional quality and performance. It has excellent resistance to vibration and assembly defects due to pasting lumps, as well as superior strength. Our BG line of all-glass separators is also used extensively for many of the same reasons. To learn more about our EnergyGuard® VRLA battery separators as well as our other products and capabilities, Contact us today.