Particulates (pollen, fine dust from the street and from wear and tear (tires, clutches and brakes) as well as industrial dust from ambient air), soot and gases such as ozone, n-Butanes, Toluene, SO2, NOx, NH3 or acetaldehyde cause health, comfort and safety issues for drivers and passengers. 汽车、卡车、建筑设备、农用车辆、火车和航空航天市场已采取措施,通过提供花粉和活性炭组合过滤器来创造更健康的机舱空气环境:

  • Combi filters from Technostat® filter media and activated carbon remove gaseous pollutants and odors and provide the market’s highest particulate efficiency – offering up to a 50% lower pressure drop versus standard cabin air filter media.
  • H&V’s patented activated carbon combi filter media packs more surface area into each gram of carbon, good bonding and high adsorption capacity making it more effective.