Coalescer filters for liquid/liquid separation need to efficiently remove water from petroleum-based liquids such as diesel, jet fuel, and hydraulic fluid to ensure our cars, planes, and heavy equipment function properly. Our market-leading grades are made from a combination of proven borosilicate microfiberglass and 100% synthetic, glass-free materials.

  • Unique surface structures, fluoropolymer treatments, and optimized gradient densities on all H&V coalescer media enhance coalescence efficiency and long life.
  • 我们最新的聚结材料包含纳米纤维和微玻纤,两者比例可定制以实现不同的纤维梯度结构。

Where your customers need strong hydrophobic media to stop water migration, try some of our surface modifications and coatings – these will stop the water in its tracks.

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